Complimentary Online Workshop
Presented by Angus Burke, CEO of EP Health
"Flat Belly after 40 for  Executives"
The Proven 20-week Plan my BUSY Business Executives are using to Blast stubborn belly fat in record time  (...The old way of getting RESULTS is dead!)
Complimentary Online Workshop
2pm, 8pm, and next training starts in: 
In this 45-minute session you’ll discover:

  • Discover the 6 Milestones of the “6 PACK CYCLE” that are cornerstones to achieve a flat stomach.

  •  Find out the ONE simple solution that studies show that can increase your flat stomach success by 95%.

  •  The Top 3 Discoveries and common mis-beliefs for a flat stomach in your 40's.

  • And more!

About your host
Angus Burke is a nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert and the CEO of EP Fitness and EP Health. A former Division 1 soccer player who has battled debilitating injury issues for nearly 10 years, he eventually cracked the code to healing his own health and over the past 6 years has helped hundreds of men do the same.

He's most famous for helping Male CEO's in their 40's lose excess body fat in their mid-section. This population is looking to better their health, with little success, finally achieve breakthrough results with Angus and his team. 

If want you a flat stomach and a minimum of 3% less body fat, then this 
complimentary online worskhop is for you.
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