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Dr. Joti Samra

Dr. Michael Rucker

Dr. Angie Montgomery

Corporate COVID-19 Support Programs

“I would like to nominate my husband Jacob Smith for the team spirit award, under the category of ‘most improved health’. Jacob has been very sedentary in the past because of illness, lack of time and motivation to exercise. Since joining WellteQ he has made a massive commitment to improving his health..."

Jacob Smith, Professor

“I would like to nominate my colleague and team mate, Jenny Chan. She never pushed hard to get her 10 000 steps. Her maximum a day would be around 5,000. However since WellteQ, she pushes herself everyday hard to reach the 10 000+ steps. Most times she would run around her house to get her steps up..."

Jenny Chan, Analyst – Financial Services

“...The structure of the app was clear and the experience was a fun and interactive way for our staff to gain a greater sense of awareness of their lifestyle..."

People & Culture, KWM

“The level of insights you are providing is amazing, I have never had access to data like this before”

Group Safety Manager, TOLL



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